Young Lady Reveals Why She Married Her Old White Husband, People React

A South African lady, with the handle @ZimeMsomi, took to the social media platform to share a photo with her white lover and indirectly disclosed her reason for marrying him.

@ZimeMsomi’s photo has since caused a frenzy on Twitter; she captioned the photo ‘securing the will’ and that apparently, has caused the stir it’s meant to cause.

Upon seeing the tweet, tweeps had different reactions to it as one wrote;

The reverse “Expropration of our women without lobola in the hope of a will going in their favour. A pensioner that young has his will concreted & in most cases excludes u, cc. Get a grip & look for a job.

Another wrote,
Some chic takes a pic with her “severely” old white compatriot and says “waiting & or counting on inheritance” & says I must chill when I criticize. Someone pliz call 911.


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