Viral video of SARS official harassing a young man

It’s no news that Nigerians have been calling for a reformation of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, as they have been rumored to treat people unfairly. A video emerged online showing the moment a man was harassed by SARS officials.

In the video, several SARS operatives are seen surrounding the man and forcing him to enter a bus. He however refuses to proceed into the bus, an action that caused severe lashing out and beatings.
 The video ends after the man decided to sit on the ground in front of the bus rather than obey the officials, whatever it was that was asked of him to do. No one has confirmed his whereabouts or the aftermath of his refusal.
The video has however renewed determination in the hearts of Nigerians, calling on the authorities to either reform SARS or END SARS.


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