Various celebrities react to Davido enrolling for NYSC

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Since Davido became the new Internet sensation for enrolling for NYSC despite having all that money, different people have taken to various Social Media platforms to express their appraisal for the action he carried out.

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Including people like AY, the comedian, Bovi, Reno Omokri and Veteran actress, King Tonto (Tonto Dikeh). Find their various reactions below:

Tonto“This boy is too smart, it’s scary…. He is arranging his future to rule ya’ll in ABIT…”


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AY – “This is @davidoofficial arriving NYSC camp as a Corper. Who is serving who? No number one citizen of Nigeria don get this kind welcome for NYSC camp before”

“Please permit me to call this DYSC (Davido Youth Service Corp). More importantly, I am so proud of Davido. Education is our passport to the future, no matter the amount you have in your bank account. “I hope those who are planning to run away from school to become a Davido are seeing this?”

Bovi“Blessed are u amongst ur peers!”

Image result for Ay reacts to Davido NYSC

Reno Omokri“If @iam_Davido, a billionaire son, a multimillionaire in his own right and an international music superstar who makes Nigeria proud, can serve his nation in the compulsory National Youth Service Corp, then why didn’t @HMKemiAdeosun? And why is @MBuhari protecting her? #RenosDarts”


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