Toke Makinwa reminisces on the time she was robbed and was ridiculed about her failed marriage

Image result for Toke makinwa\Toke Makinwa has revealed her tough road to success story and she reminisces on the time she was robbed, her marriage failed and was ridiculed about it.

On an Instagram page, she shared:

“Felt led to share this here. I was on a workcation sometime in 2015, my career was picking up, I was a newlywed, everything was groovy    and I had to represent a brand in Paris. Each time I’m away, I find it easier to pray. (Something about Lagos and the hustle and bustle, you know what I mean) As I settled down the first night I was praying and I had an epiphany, maybe na vision sef I sha know something strange happened. I woke up and burst out the words “the glory of my latter days will overshadow my former.” Correct message, went about my duties on cloud 9, God has promised me good and there was nothing to fear.

“Fast forward to a night before we left Paris, the team had a big dinner with an international brand and I was tempted to go. I was invited and It was going to be fun. My hustler mode kicked in, I could market myself sone more for future work but the spirit told me to have a quiet evening with God. It was a tough one o, dinner with Vogue or pray? Prayer won that night and it wasn’t good. I started to pray, fell asleep and woke up. It was as if someone had been In my room, I blurted out the words; “you’ll walk thru fire   , but I will be with you”. Which kind of message was this? Checked my windows and surroundings and as soon as I confirmed no one was there, I cast it off as a bad dream, prayed and slept. The next day I was robbed and a lot of money was taken. I remembered the dream and told myself the robbers have taken my problems and I flew home.

“Few months after, hell was on earth, everything I had was broken, I was a subject of ridicule and shame and everything went left. Tonight reading this I remembered both vision. God is not a man, he walked with me, he kept his word, he has restored all I thought I lost and made me a praise on earth. O ti mu mi gbagbe, ibanuje ana!!!!! Why my long epistle? No vex, somebody might be walking in that fire now, don’t buckle, don’t quit. He has prepared you for this. Rest in his care for your future is far brighter n greater than now. Thank you for reading stay blessed ❤️,”.


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