Tiwa Savage is obviously tired of Online beggars that show hate publicly

Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage has taken to her Instagram page to address people who privately beg her for money but publicly criticize and hate on her. Saying that, you can’t beg for money then say bad things about her without expecting her not to get upset.

She shared the story of someone who begged for money and went all insulting on her without revealing the identity of the peson.
“Next time you think of sliding in my DM asking for money or anything remember your personal opinion and miss me with your bs,”
“Wow they beg you for money today and tomorrow talk trash because it’s not personal, they just doing their job abi… okay blocked.
“Celebrities are human. You can’t beg for money then talk trash and expect me not to catch feelings.
“Like are you serious? F*** outta here with your bs.”
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