The craziest thing I ever did was to slap my dad – Femi Adebayo, son of veteran actor “Oga Bello” says

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Nollywood actor Femi Adebayo and son of veteran Yoruba actor Adebayo Salami, also known as Oga Bello, reportedly went viral some months ago after a video was released where he he slapped his father in a hotel room. The actor has however revealed why he did that.

According to Punch, he explained that, as an actor you must be ready to take on any role, no matter how uncomfortable and that, that was the craziest thing he has ever done but while on set, he did not not see him as his father but a colleague.

He said: “I have been presented with scripts where I had to slap my father on set and I must do it as an actor. He has slapped me on set too countless times. The moment we are acting, I don’t see him as my father anymore; I see him as a colleague and we need to interpret our roles very well. He trained me and he is my boss in the industry. He has taught me not to fear whenever I come across a bigger actor or someone like him on set. But the moment the director says stop, I prostrate to him and apologize.”

He also spoke on how he and his father supported an upcoming act, Jigan. In the ‘sho mo age mi ni’ video where Femi was seen disrespecting his father. However, he said:

“Jigan is more like a boy to us. When he came out with the trend, we felt we could do a skit to endorse it. The irony was in asking my biological father if he knew my age.”


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