‘Sho mo age mi’ crooner, Jigan Babaoja is neither bothered about his disability or women

'Sho mo age mi' star is not bothered about his disabilityKazeem Abimbola, popularly referred to as Jigan Babaoba, the actor behind ‘Sho mo age mi’ trend has explained that he’s neither bothered about those trolling him over his disability nor female admirers sliding into his DMs in a brief chat with Punch.

On social media users trolling him on Instgram over his disability, the actor said, “I have been handling abuses about my disability since I was a 10-year-old. Even recently, I have been making jokes of my disability; it doesn’t get to me because I’m used to it.

“Somebody sent me a message last week that he wanted to take me out of the country for a surgery so that I would be able to walk properly. However, I told the person that I was not interested. I like the way I am right now because this disability has paved the way for me. Had it been I am a ‘complete’ person, I may not be where I am today,” he said.

The actor also disclosed that he’s too busy focusing on how to make money than giving attention to female admirers, who want to get intimate with him.

He said, “I like a woman that does not run away from me. it is always good to get married before you become very popular because once you are big, a lot of people would come around you and you wouldn’t know their real intentions.

“I’ve gotten a lot of messages from girls who tell me that they like me but I don’t give them attention because I know they’re only attracted to my fame. Everybody knows I’m a married man with kids. Anybody that comes now is just wasting her time. My focus now is to make money,”.


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