Relationship Tips: 3 reasons why you should date a sapiosexual

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We list below three reasons why you should have a sapiosexual as your boyfriend.

Sapiosexuals are the people who rate intelligence so highly in a partner. They believe intelligence is the most important trait in a sexual partner.

Many people would include intelligence in the list of things they want in a partner, but for the sapiosexual people, it is more than just a thing to tick off a list.

They prioritize intellect, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate other attributes. So below, we list three reasons why you should have someone like this as a boyfriend:

1. Good genes

The sperm of 400 men was tested by researchers from the University of Mexico, after putting the test subjects through an intense mental test. Through that study, the researchers found that a connection exists between a man’s virility and his intelligence.

The essence of this is that men with higher IQs were found to have the healthiest swimmers. So in other words, the strongest swimmers come from the smartest men.

2. You might learn a thing or two

Sapiosexuals are turned on by knowledge and so the quest for knowledge is arousing. What this means for you if you date a person like this is that they’ll try to take you on the journey of learning and you could learn a thing or two and elevate your mind and consciousness in the process.

The continuous hunt for awareness and expertise is appealing to a boyfriend like this so you also do not have to worry about losing sight of you. He always has a curiosity and some of that will be reserved for knowing you – body soul and spirit.

3. The relationship won’t dwell on shallow things

Being with a sapiosexual takes your dating away from the normal plane to something different, something deeper. Attraction, conversation, the sexual energy… everything in the relationship with a guy like this operates on a different intellectual dynamic. It’s not necessarily a departure from dating as you know it, it’s just something… more.

It’s the excitement of being desired and wanted for something deeper than the outward, shallow reasons people have been known known to love for.

And for a change, this is something you absolutely shouldn’t be scared to explore.


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