Rapper AKA quits instagram


South African rapper, AKA has revealed plans to quit Instagram because of the negative influence it has on the youths. He disclosed this via his Twitter page in a thread to say that Instagram has become a platform that put a lot of pressure on young people for material things.

The thread started with him saying he is legit thinking of leaving Instagram then stating his reasons without stating what his final stands are or when he is expected to finally leave Instagram.

“I’m legit thinking of quitting Instagram. The pressure it’s putting on young men and women for material things is scary, and people like me are part of the problem without even knowing it. That thing was created for one purpose, for you to want things you don’t actually need,”

“You go on Instagram, and it legit sucks you in on every level. You scroll and scroll and scroll and click and click and click, your mind completely devouring everything. Every bag, every holiday, every car, every new product that you are told you NEED in order to feel complete,”

“I don’t have all the answers but damn. Mybexplore page is pure poison. I’m not trying to judge anyone … I just need some more peace in my life.

“Is it possible to be addicted to Instagram and still be grateful for what you have? …. I don’t think so.

“Why are you so hungry to know what people are thinking or saying about you??… if you can figure that out, control it, and manage it … I think you will find the key to mastering social media,”he concluded.


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