Nigerians blast Annie Idibia for spelling error

Nigerian actress Annie Idibia and the wife of popular singer 2face Idibia has come under the knife as she had tried to shake a table holding some baby mamas only to end up shading herself.

The actress had earlier today said that a kid cannot keep a man and many had believed she was referring to Sophia Momodu or she was telling Chioma that she is a kid and will not keep Davido for herself.

Fans of Davido and Chioma have since then trooped into her page to lash her for her comments.

And the funniest part is her writing after her main post “a kid cannot keep a man. Facts” she added “Agure with your phones”.

Fans that trooped in where fast to notice her blunder and even since then she has been heavily criticized by her inability to spell the word properly.

Some Fans even corrected her that it is ARGUE and not AGURE. A fan pointed out that it is AKURE and not AGURE, the reply are so harsh on her though as any man is prone to making mistake any time.


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