“Nigerians are not safe in their country any longer” – Hushpuppi rants

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Lagos – Malaysia Big boy, Ray Hushpuppi has weighed in his thoughts on the recent call for a reformation of the Nigerian Police Force and the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS).

Hushpuppi said the Nigeria police force has turned into a terrorist group in respect to previous dealings and most especially the viral video that has gone round showing SARS officials harassing a young man.

He took to his Instagram page to write:

‘I know I have a massive international audience and I want to inform the world that Nigerians are not safe in their countries any longer, please people who have the power should please probe the Nigerian government and Nigeria police force about how they Police/Sars has turned into a terrorist group, kidnapping citizens in the streets everyday in all parts of the country and the government has been denying this open terror by the police force.

People are getting missing from the streets without their families knowing their whereabouts and end up in police net where thousands of Nigerians are being maltreated dehumanized like animals for bribes and many has lost their lives there. Please if you are a true Nigerian pls keep reposting this and let’s get the world’s attention to what’s going on in the streets of Nigeria’.


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