Nigerian man shares how he narrowly escaped being killed by a cobra snake when he went to use the toilet

A Nigerian man has shared a “powerful” testimony of he was saved from the hands of a dangerous-horrible-looking cobra when he went to the toilet to pee.

Read Below, and Photos Follow:

God’s Miracles never end and they are marvellous in our eyes.

God saved me from a dangerous horrible looking cobra yesterday night in my toilet Seat(WC) here in Abraka delta state.

It was around 7.34pm when wanted to use the toilet (pee) I decided to use my touch light to view the sink before action,i saw a black stuff below the water in the toilet seat and I was trying to identify what it could be because I used the toilet some hours ago.

Lo and behold it was a horrible looking cobra. I called the care taker of the hostel where I live, he came and confirmed it.

The snake is so big that we couldn’t devised another good means to kill it than the use of Gun🔫.

For more than 2hrs the snake was there until we called the attention of the vigilante group and finally it was killed with the aid of a gun.

Please always make sure you look very well before using your toilet. I couldn’t believe how it entered but verifications say it came from the toilet suck away pit.

See photos below.


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