Nigerian lady cries out after being duped by Edo big boy. (Photos)

A Nigerian lady has taken to social media to lament after she was duped by an Edo big boy who cunningly took her merchandise and made away with it.
According to her, she was to sell a quite expensive merchandise to the big boy and he asked that they met somewhere – after checking out his order, he deceived her to thinking he was going to order for food, when he left, he never came back.

Laurette Onos has now taken to social media to call out the guy, who she says is Pedro Pinto… She wrote alongside his photos..

Why is this society so wicked? girls that prostitute themselves are highly condemed while the ones that decide to make a decent living are being decieved and scammed this big for nothing bastard that calls himself suspicious wealth (pinto pedro)ordered for a sun glasses, i didnt have it so i went back to d market since i was still in lagos..after a great search n even loosing my phone in the process. I finally got it and sent him the picture and asked him to pay at least ha lf d price of the glasses but he refused and asked me to stop at benin on my way back to warri to give him the glasses which i agreed, so he invited me toa hotel with an open bar and was offering me food and drinks but i refused to have anything so he asked for d glasses, tried it on and refused to take it off after a while he said he was going to order for chicken na so this big uncle without sense run with my glasses n switched off his phone leaving me dere for 3hrs.

see u have carrird curses upon curses upon ur generation cos u have messed with d wrong person u will pay with ur destiny for ordinary 10k glasses this big idiot blocked me evey where please help me share my post and make this cheap thief popular

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