My b00bs and nice shape get me roles — Actress Tope Osoba

Read excerpts from a recent interview with beautiful Nollywood actress, Temitope Osoba

Tell us about yourself and what you do for a living?
My name is Temitope Osoba; I studied Business Education at Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU), Ogun State. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Education. I am an actress and dancer.

How did you delve into acting?
Acting was not something I intended to do, I was initially a dancer. I used to dance hip-hop and cultural dance, way back then in school, even before school. I was doing dance professionally. Acting was never in my mind, it was just by luck, because I had to feature in a Yoruba dance movie.

Can you act nude?
Of course not, never. Even in the movie where I played the role of a stripper, we did not strip naked. We didn’t even put on Bikinis. We were on shorts, gowns and bump shorts. I can never act nude because my friends and family are watching. I can’t do it even for a billion naira.

What part of your body do you admire the most?
I would say my boobs, but I admire the whole of my body, because I have a nice shape and I love it. A lot of people like my shape.

Have your boobs given you any lead role before and do you consider it your selling point?
Well, I don’t reveal a lot of my body, but I do reveal a little cleavage. So, put together, I will say my boobs and my body fetch me the jobs. People tell me I have very lovely skin, shape and lips. I guess they get the roles coming for me. I can’t show more than my cleavage.

There are lot of tattoos on your body, how many are they?
All together, I have eight at different parts of my body. I have one on my left knee, I have a cross on my hand, I have a star on my neck. I also have my mum’s name on my back, I have a logo. Also, I have my boyfriend’s nickname on my neck.

Why the craze for tattoo and why not one on your boobs?
I just love tattoos. My boobs are very special to me and I cherish them. I don’t want to tamper with them and I can’t stand anybody touching them anyhow in the name of doing tattoos on them.

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