Muslim woman gives chicken and food items to Christians for Easter celebrations

A Muslim woman identified as Hajiya Ramatu Tijjani, has taken a bold step to ensure that the peaceful coexistence that exists in Nigeria is cemented. This she did by giving out chicken to about 50 poor Christians ahead of the the coming Easter festivities.

When interviewed, she The Muslim woman spoke of how the economic hardship currently experiened in the country made her to make the gesture so that many can have a happy festivity.

“Christians worldwide are finishing their 40 days fasting and prayers this week. “There is need to support the widows with chickens and other food stuff to enable them celebrate the Easter with joy, and happiness like other Christians round the world.

“I commence the chickens distribution with the Church of Christ Evangelical and Intercessory Fellowship, Sabon Tasha Kaduna. Because of my good friendship with all the members of the church, I am hoping to spread the gifts to other neighbouring churches in Kaduna.

“this is a method of promoting peace, building inter-religious tolerance and better understanding among different faith based organisations in Nigeria. We are worshiping one God and Allah and both Muslims and Christians are from one family and both have Holy Books which are Bible and Qur’an. Both believe in paradise and hell, therefore we are all one family under one God”, she said.


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