Mimi Orijekwe’s ex-husband, Charles Billion leaves his American wife

Reports have it that Nollywood actor, Charles billion and his American wife, Mimi Rashaad have parted ways.

The actor got married and impregnated Rashaad while he was still married to actress Mimi Orjiekwe. Their relationship packed up few months ago after they welcomed their son, Ahmaad.

Sources revealed that his wife called off the relationship with claims that she was not aware that the actor was married to Orjiekwe when she got married to him.

Charles Billion used to be married to actress Mimi Orijekwe. Trouble started in their marriage when the actress discovered that Charles had children with other women. Charles Billion had a baby with a police officer while he was still dating Mimi Orijekwe.

He also had babies with two other women while married to the actress, one of whom is Mimi Rashaad. They got divorced shortly before the actress gave birth to their daughter.

Latest news have it that Mimi Orijekwe is currently pregnant for billionaire Mike Ikuku. Though the actress has debunked the news as rumors, she however failed to clear the air on whether she is dating the billionaire, with reports saying she has moved into his house in Banana Island.

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