Mercy Aigbe Battle Diamond Bank Over Scam

Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe, who asides her acting career is also the CEO, MAGDIVAS BOUTIQUE, has called out Diamond Bank after someone allegedly opened an account in the bank with her company’s name when she already has an account with them in the same name.

The actress also wondered why it is so easy for scammers to use Diamond Bank to scam their victims. She revealed this via her Instagram Page to warn people off the fake account while she uploaded the original account belonging to the company – MAGDIVAS BOUTIQUE.

She wrote;

”Disclaimer!!!! This account details is FAKE and it is not my company’s account details ……❌
Jesus!…..Guys pls help me tag Diamond bank @diamondbankng and ask them why is it only their banks all these scammers use to scam People! Can you also pls kindly ask them how is it possible for someone to open an account in my company’s name, which has an already existing account with them! How?? I am confused!!!!!…..

This has been happening for some time now and I have tried severally to reach them @diamondbankng instead the situation just keeps getting worse! To the extent that this Scammer now has the effrontery to go ahead and open an account with the same bank in my company’s name!!!!!!…..

So one cannot even do business in peace in this country”.


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