Man In Trouble After Allowing His Girlfriend To Drive His Vehicle On Her Birthday

A Nigerian man based in Lagos State has recounted how he his girlfriend ruined the private party they both planned. A man landed in hot soup after he decided to allow his girlfriend drive his vehicle without having adequate knowledge of driving. The resultant effect was her ramming into a commercial motorcycle thereby damaging a part of the bike as well as injuring the passengers.

He was apparently compelled to undertake their medical expenses as well as cost of fixing the motorcyle. The most painful part of the mishap, according to the man, is that his girlfriend has remained unapologetic about the whole incident.

“Gosh! today was my worst day ever.

So my girlfriend birthday turn out to be my worst day.

SARS wahala at oke odo (solved) .

On our way home, just a few mile to our destination; she said she want to take over the wheel and I heed to her request because what belongs to me; belongs to her and vice versa.

Now my car is damaged, Okada rider requested I repair his bike, his passengers have been taken for medical attention after many curses (all expense paid) and now we are here looking at each other faces since undecided without her saying even a sorry embarassed.

She doesn’t heed to whatever I say except it comes from her heart and she always find it hard to say sorry. I don’t know if i should just call off the relationship but m afraid she might do something drastic.”


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