Laolu Senbanjo’s unique body art makes NYFW debut

Image result for Belvedere Vodka X Laolu SenbanjoLaolu Senbanjo is a Nigerian artist that has built an exciting international career in just five short years. He has worked with Nike, Bvlgari and was a huge part of Beyonce’s Lemonade project, Laolu Senbajo flaunts his art in New York Fashion Week in a big way.

Belvedere Vodka X Laolu Senbanjo

Image result for Belvedere Vodka X Laolu Senbanjo

Image result for Belvedere Vodka X Laolu Senbanjo

Image result for Belvedere Vodka X Laolu Senbanjo

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Fashion is art and many times, the two intersect. About a week ago, fashion and art enthusiasts alike converged at the Whitney Museum of American Art for an exclusive New York Fashion Week show to launch the Belvedere Vodka X Laolu Senbanjo 2018 Limited Edition Bottle. The bottles of Vodka were designed by the Laolu, with his signature Afromysteric flow making the bottle stand out. The launch was in support of Global Funds’ (RED) efforts to help eradicate HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Before the bottles were revealed though, the runway show ensued with supermodels such as Martha HuntHelena Christensen and Nolan Funk gracing the runway in body paint by the visual artist.

According to Tony Bowles, “the painted story, depicted through each of models’ bodies, brought to life the artist’s interpretation of the beauty, nuance, and complexity of the Belvedere liquid using Sebanjo’s own Afromysterics design which draws heavily from ancient Nigerian symbols and patterns, as well as his Yoruba heritage.”

The Limited Edition Bottle itself depicted a “visually captivating design which embodied the ethos shared by Belvedere and Laolu himself”.

Still A Naija Boy

Despite being embraced by New York, even imbibing the city into his art name, Laolu NYC, he is still very much rooted in his heritage, it’s in his art, it flows through his veins. Wherever he goes he is the personification of ‘omo naija’.

Laolu Senbanjo said in an interview with Pulse: ”When you are Nigerian, you really are an ambassador for the country without even realising it. My art has allowed me not only to express myself but also educate people and I never thought that I would be in that kind of space to do that. Art has been that tool that has brought me in front of a lot of people and allowed me to explain what it means to be Nigerian. I explain to them what the imagery I use signifies and I take them to Nigeria without them having to move an inch which is a unique thing.’ – Lifestyle


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