Lagosians share their cause of worry as regards cost of staying in Lagos

Twitter worries about things that consume money in LagosHow you spend your money shouldn’t be anybody’s business, right? But if you made your money in Lagos, you should always remember this saying, ‘money made in Lagos remains in Lagos’.

There is a deep connection between Lagos city and prosperity. Many people tend to believe that once you step your feet in the city, opportunities will start falling on you. That is the mindset that drove many people to the smallest state in Nigeria.

And as the most populated city in Africa and 13th most expensive city in the world, how you spend your money might become other people’s business when you begin to complain about things that consume your money in Lagos.

Here are some of the complaints about spending money in Lagos you’ll see on Twitter.

  • Nothing is FREE in Lagos! Even breath? It is not that bad!
  • But it’s possible you spend your hard earned money of FAKE products.
  • And when you consider how much you spend to maintain your car
  • And you start borrowing to live in Lagos…
  • Meanwhile, someone somewhere is planning to scam you.
  • Maybe all of us need some tips on how to live in Lagos.

In the end, you’ll realize that it is impossible not to spend money in Lagos. This city is not one of the most expensive for no reason. However, Lagos accommodates you no matter how small your budget is, as you can conveniently eat lunch whether you have 3,000 Naira, 1,500 or 300 Naira. There is room in Lagos for everybody. The Lagos money remains in Lagos saying is an eternal truth.

However, if you are financially literate and you spend according to your means without indulging in impulse buying or trying to keep up with the Joneses, you’ll have nothing to worry about expenses in Lagos.


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