Lady Reunites With Her First Date After Surprise Visit At Her Place Of Work In Lagos (Photo)

A journalist who works NTA Network in Lagos – was happy to be reunited with her first date after he visited her at her place of work today. According to her, she had her official first date at the age of 16 which was later disrupted by her siblings.

The man identified as Wilson paid her a visit as he arrived the country from London earlier today after many years of not seeing each other.

Below is what Becky Ebanehita Madojemu shared on Facebook.

Remember the story I told about my first official date when I was 16? How my siblings showed up in the middle of it, picked a table at the other end of Super Dee restaurant just to watch proceedings?

Well, I haven’t seen Wilson in ages, but I got a surprise today at work. He showed up at my office straight from London. What a coup! Who does that? Last time we saw, we were quite young with 20-20 vision. Now we can barely see without goggles.


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