Lady Falls In Love With Man Who Bought Her Virginity For 1 Million Pounds

A young lady from Paris France recently sold her virginity to an American for one million pounds.

The 20-year-old lady simply identified as Jasmine who lost her virginity to an unidentified Wall Street Banker said she has fallen in love with the man she described as a perfect gentleman.

Jasmine who was born into a religious but poor family said she decided to sell her virginity to be able to start her own business and travel around the world.

Here is how the French student described her first time experience in bed with the older banker:

“I’m very happy that I sold my virginity to an older man. He is a smart and successful banker. Though I was a bit nervous at first, but finally I really liked him. He was a real gentleman and looked after me well. We are going to date each other again because we really like each other.”


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