Iyabo Ojo shares adorable throwback photo with her kids, Priscilla and Festus

Popular actress Iyabo Ojo is a doting mother. The actress uses any opportunity to show off her two grownup kids, Festus and Priscilla.

The actress, a few, hours ago posted this throwback photo with her kids. She captioned the photo:

My Glow @fedel_x @its.priscy tbt

My Glow @fedel_x @its.priscy tbt

A post shared by Iyabo Ojo/BOSS LADY/ Akanda (@iyaboojofespris) on May 10, 2018 at 6:24am PDT

No doubt, Iyabo Ojo loves her two children, Some even think they look like her younger siblings. In an interview with Sunday Scoop, she revealed why she doesn’t sleep at movie locations…

According to he even though her children were not kids anymore, she still spends a lot of time with them and all the producers who have worked with her knows that she does’t sleep at movie locations.

She said however stated that there have been exceptional cases when she had to do night jobs, especially when crime scenes were being shot, but she always had things planned out. She said she slept at movie locations only about three times in a year.

She further cited that there was a time she stopped taking weekend jobs because she wanted to be with her kids, though the producers were always complaining, they couldn’t do anything about it. The actress also said that when her kids were younger and she had to be on set on weekends, she never went without them.

Despite her strict work policies, Iyabo said she hardly has issues with producers because professionalism works for her. She stated that if given a script, she puts in her best even if she is not well paid.

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