“I Diagnosed Myself With Happiness” – Liver Transplant Survivor Celebrates Herself

Beautiful South African liver transplant survivor identified as, Mimo Mokgosi shares photos of herself on Instagram.

In her post written by her earlier this month, she wrote;
“Incase you planning on giving up on life….this is why you shouldn’t

2008- diagnosed with hepatitis auto immune disease which led to me having a livertransplant in 2013.

2014- diagnosed with osteoporosis, due to prednisone eating my bones

2015- diagnosed with lymphadema
2016- came in contact with someone who had TB because of my immune system I was diagnosed with Milary TB which had spread everywhere but my liver and later ended up with Arthritis Gout💔could barely walk,
2017 – liver Rejected
2018 – cholangitis which led to me putting a stent in my bile ducts
Through all that I diagnosed myself with HAPPINESS”

She took to her page to celebrate herself after surviving the hard time;


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