“Humble yourself” Tunde fires back at Harrysong

After the sling shot that Harrysong threw Tunde’s way after picking offence at Tunde’s comment on the video of him sharing money to his fans (If you missed it, click HERE ).

Tunde has fired back, alledgedly putting Harrysong in his place. He uploaded a comment of his on a post of Harrysong’s shot and captioned it:

“When he released Selense, I posted, he didn’t like nor comment, not that I was expecting it. I’m just a guy with a good heart. He bought a car, I posted and congratulated him, he didn’t like or comment. 
“As soon as I posted something not praising him of which I didn’t insult either, he got in his feelings. Some of these “celebrities” have big head sha! They believe you are online to post their shit without appreciating. You are not God o! Humble yourself. We have seen people rise and fall. You will not fall in Jesus name’.




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