How To Make Your Own Curly Crotchet Wig In 10 Minutes

Wigs are the rave right now and how sweet would it be if you can make yours? Not to worry, we have got you covered as always.

Curious and want to learn? Then check out this curly crotchet wig making tutorial to add some coin in your bank account.

You will need:

Wig Cap
Jamaican bounce hair (4pcs)
Curved needle and thread
How to make the wig
Place your wig cap on the foam head.
Secure it in place with 3 to 4 safety pins. You can add one to the front, back, and 2 on the sides.
Separate your hair and begin adding it to the wig cap.
Place your crochet needle under 3 to 4 small holes and then add the hair to the needle.
Close the needle and pull it through and tie the hair once or twice, depending on the texture on the hair. The thicker or coarser the hair is, one knot will work fine.
In the back and sides, it’s okay to space the hair 1 to 2 finger widths apart. In the front, You can make it as close as possible so it looks full.
After you finished adding your hair, place the wig on your head and start cutting it to shape your face.

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