How to impress a girl over text

If you are online and she sends you a message, don’t hesitate to answer. Some guys purposely wait to prove that he is not really into you. Playing games by playing hard to get isn’t going to get or impress her. More likely, you turn her off.

If she puts herself out there, then you owe her the same. No one wants to be rejected, and girls certainly don’t want to be played with. So, don’t ignore her text or call on purpose.

Be funny
If you want to win her own with your text, talk about things that will make her laugh. Send her funny GIFs, images or short funny clips.

Women always like to chat with guys who put smiles on their face every day.

Don’t use it as your resume
If you want to win her over then don’t be a braggart. Just be real and avoid talking about your wealth and numerous certificates and degrees.

Let her know the lighter side of you and your personality, not to be a thing to toot your own horn. If you want to impress her stop trying to impress her.

Text often
Text her often doesn’t mean you should bombard her with messages. Text her when you miss you or when you want to share something relevant with her.

If you aren’t getting any answers, back off. You might be coming on too strong or scaring her off.

Say sweet things
Follow her on social media and compliment her looks through direct message. Women loved to hear sweet words that will brighten their day or in the evening just before bed to let her know you are thinking about her.

Be honest in your conversation and give your candid advice when needed. But, don’t come on super strong, jealous, or obsessive, if you want to impress her.

Try to stay away from the sexual things until you both agree that is where you want to take your texting conversation.

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