How A Teacher Earned 135 Million Naira (N135m) Last Year On The Binomo Trading Platform

Cameron Baidoo used to be a primary school teacher in Lagos. He never wondered about making a great deal to have a luxurious life. Like everyone, he worked to at least make end meets, to pay the bill, raise his children and send them to school. He never felt a need for anything else. About one year ago, his motorbike broke down and he did not have enough money to have it fixed. Then he had no means of transport. He secretly cried in the bathroom, so his wife and his children would not notice. He was not sure of their feelings about this.

The financial problems made him think, and on the same day, he decided that he did not want to live in poverty anymore. He sought to earn more and tried selling things online but did not succeed. In the end, the result was the same.

Luckily, several months later, his effort was compensated. He found a way to earn money on the Internet, not selling, not advertising or anything else. Everything he must do is leveraging an application on his smart phone.

Last month, I read his blog and decided to invite him to an interview for the website. What he told me was surpising: “Now I earn 270 000 N (around $750) each day. It is so great to enjoy the life that I ever dream about, all of my needs are fulfilled! Despite my big profit, I still work as a teacher because I like it and I have plenty of time with the kids.” Making money from binary options is really a redemption for Mr. Baidoo: “I need a fixed income, and I was stuck in get-rick-quick scheme such as MMM and others. I lost all of my savings because of them. All I want now is to have a legal and stable income to support my beloved family.”

“Now, I earn about 290 000 N (around $800) each day just by using my smartphone and the Internet”, he said. I asked him, how he found out about this online money-making method, it must be very complicated! “Honestly, it is much simpler than you think. I registered with Binomo and right after that, I received instructions via email. After a training week, I earned my first 360 000 N (around $1000). I received clear instructions of how to use the website and I have joined the training class, where I was taught about binary options, how to trade, the way it works and how to make money with it. To start, I just registered and carefully followed all the requirements on the website. I don’t have to buy or sell anything! It is really simple.”

Thanks to Binomo, Cameroon Baidoo has his own sport car collection in his garage! Recently, the number of Dollar millionaires has increased significantly in Nigeria.

“There are a lot of tricks on the Internet, they promise that you can earn a lot of money over night but in the end, you have to buy their products.” According to the interview with Cameroon Baidoo, he said: “I have had various skills to earn money, and I am trying to get real money through binary options trading. It is incredible! One year ago, I was only a high school teacher with such low salary that I could not repair my motorbike. Currently, I own many expensive ones! I feel grateful everyday because I had a chance to change my life.


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