Heartbroken Nigerian Man Curses Ex-Girlfriend For Dumping Him For A Rich Man (Photos)

A Nigerian man who was allegedly dumped by the girlfriend has taken to social media to curse her. The man identified as Brandy Temmy Gold alleged that his woman dumped him for a rich man.

He wrote:

“Caffy Temmy Gold😭 you broke my heart without any excuse. You followed another man because he rented you an apartment. You have forgotten those times when we eat, catch fun, s*x play together. So this is what I deserve Tope? You will never have a rest of mind. Mercy from east west south North will not locate you anymore. Your glory will not be a useful one.

No matter how the situation may be you will not be favoured. You carry my half part to met another man till you will die. You will not be complete. You will even be rotten as time goes on, 🙈🙈 chaiii girls are wicked. Just a few weeks to my journey Adebayo Tope you will never reach your destination of joy happiness lastly Omo koni sin err

wa damu wa Foro wawaleeee. u dx olori buruku I take ypu from gutter and make you a human. You will soon go back to it adebayo tope. caffy temmy gold. fake grl.

caffy temmy gold.. ,😭😭😭😭 you break my heart. The woman I trust. we eat together catch fun. s*x play. spend in terms of money. bt now u leave mi bcos a man of two kids rented u a room.

tope u w nt b favoured. mercy from east west south Noth w nt locate u. u w suffer till ur third generation God plan w Neva b ur might Omo oni sin err. wa sanku. won ni jere tree.

You will not be happy in the mourning till night. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😦😦😦😦😦😭😭😭😭😭 adebayo tope caffy temmy gold wa sanku ni.

daff tabi mark tabi iveco Loma paa re awon obi ee koni jere re although your mother have curse you because of what you have done. So shall it be. Amen Amin aseeee agreed 👿👿👹👹✍✍✍


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