Floyd Mayweather is being Sued by a Nigerian Media Company for $2 Million

Well, it would appear that Floyd Mayweather is being drawn into a fight, only that this time it’s not in a ring; it’s in the Federal Court of Law.

According to TMZ, a Nigerian company, Zinni Media is suing Mayweather for skipping out on five scheduled appearances. In June 2017, the suit alleges the company booked the famed boxer for appearances in Ghana and Nigeria to the tune of $375,000.

After the deal was concluded, Floyd provided the company with a video confirming the appearances and he was sent the sum of $210,000 advance, but days before his first appearance he didn’t show up. Zinni claims there was an offer to reschedule for December 2017, with an increased price of $550,000 which the company accepted, but Mayweather once again bailed and allegedly hasn’t returned the $210,000.

Zinni has claim that his non – appearance has cost them their Reputation and they are now taking Mayweather to federal court in California for having Defrauded them, and they’re asking for $2 million to set things straight.

This shouldn’t be that big of a deal for Mayweather, since he  was named Forbes‘ highest paid athlete in June. He earned that No. 1 spot after making a whooping sum of $275 million from his August 2017 fight with UFC star Conor McGregor.



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