Flood in Abeokuta on Friday leaves inhabitants homeless and destroys properties

A mother has gone missing with her child after a flood that caused havoc in Abeokuta, the  capital of Ogun state.

A mother and child went missing along with a number of people on Friday and expensive properties were destroyed after a flood followed after a four hours long rain ravaged parts of Abeokuta its surroundings.
The Nation reported that many residents were evicted from their homes and shops when their apartments were invaded by the flood, household items, goods and other valuables were destroyed.
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In Omolasho and Kuto, major commercial areas of Abeokuta, goods and structures worth millions of naira were swept away and emptied into a canal by the Isabo state High court area where the flood was most violent and fiercest.
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Couple of vehicles packed by the roadsides were also submerged with some of them dragged into gullies and pits.
Areas mostly affected are Ijaye, Omolasho, Kuto, Isale Egbein and Ijeja where the flood damaged the bridge linking Ijeja and other parts of the state capital.
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The Archdiocesan Headquarters of the Celestial Church of Christ, Ijaye, Abeokuta was also severely hit and dozens of home within the area affected as some of the residential buildings either collapsed, tilt or got weakened as to make them unsafe for habitation.
More than twelve people are reportedly dead following a ravaging flood that hit Abeokuta, the Ogun state capital and its environs after a torrential rain on Friday. Of those feared dead, three of them (Mrs Alirah Akintobi, Shuaib and Abideen, comprising mother and her two sons) have been confirmed dead at Ilawo area of Abeokuta


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