Five Words That Can Stir Great Controversy In Lagos

Lagos can be a very mercurial place, and one has to be very careful with what he or she says or does, because you cannot always be sure of the outcome of your actions and reactions.

In Lagos, you will be shocked as to how very little can turn into so much, even certain jokes have led to the most tragic ends. Words they say can be very powerful and in most cases mean more than what was intended to be said, that is very true with respect to Lagos, so one must watch his or her words as they converse and interact on Eko’s busy streets. Here are five words that cannot be used just anyway in Lagos, infact, the words should be avoided as much as possible, because the mention of these words can eventually lead to some big trouble.
1. OLE! No its not a name, or a title for an album, neither is it a shout of approval, triumph or encouragement; it is actually a derogatory Yoruba term which means “Thief”. So when you go screaming Ole! Ole! then you can be sure that you’ll cause a lot of panic. Five Words That Can Stir Great Controversy In Lagos So don’t be surprised if at your chant, some people are sent scampering away seeking safe harbor, while some others dauntlessly race towards you in a bid to apprehend your supposed assailant. You might want to quickly flee from the scene, as jungle justice is not a strange practice, even in Nigeria’s most civilised city.
2. Igbo It sounds slightly different, but is spelt like the name of an ethnic group in the southeastern part of Nigeria, but don’t be fooled, ‘igbo’ means ‘marijuana’. You must be very careful with the usage of this word, else you might serve time in jail. Five Words That Can Stir Great Controversy In Lagos The use of Indian hemp or Igbo as it is christened is illegal in Lagos, and the police, NAFDAC and other agencies would be ready to take you in for questioning, once the word falls off your lips.
3. Ashewo This word really gets on the nerves of ladies, some girls would kill when this term is directed to them. This is because, ‘Ashewo’ means ‘prostitute’. As slighting as this word is, many Lagiosian mostly people of the mass class, still use ‘Ashewo’ anyhow they wish; and you will be shocked as to the magnitude of rifts and chaos this simple word can bring. Five Words That Can Stir Great Controversy In Lagos
4. Police Popularly called olopa or askari in Lagos, the term police comes with various notions and thoughts. For many though, it stirs trouble, and that is not necessarily because you are a law offender. Five Words That Can Stir Great Controversy In Lagos Known for certain vices, the police in Lagos has a reputation that needs to be put in the right perspective. With bribery topping the list of vices, the word police in Eko, has become synonymous with the corrupt practice. Such that the mention of police becomes obnoxious to many Lagosians.

5. Agbero Agbero refers to the hooligans and touts that fill the bus parks and bus-stops in Lagos. Though their exploits are often over blown, still the word agbero should cause one to rethink. Five Words That Can Stir Great Controversy In Lagos Very erratic in nature, the Lagos touts have a peculiar way of operating. From plaguing bus drivers and conductors to snatching bags and stealing jewelries, the word ‘agbero’ definitely doesn’t mean well, little wonder people feel very uncomfortable when the term is mentioned.
In Lagos, the words highlighted above can really cause a scene and if not handled appropriately may escalate in serious fracas. Are there some other words or terms used in Lagos, that are capable of stirring rifts? Do let us know by leaving your comments in the section availed. I dare say it is very essential that regardless of the fact that you are a resident or visitor in Lagos, you need to mind your language in your daily interactions. For visitors, endeavour to get the true meaning of terms you are learning before that word puts you in grave danger.


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