Dubai To Build Mega-shopping Mall Which Will Be The Size Of 100 Football Pitches (Photos)

Dubai is building a mega-mall that will be bigger and better. New project Dubai Square is being designed by Dubai Holding and Emaar Properties and will be the size of 100 football pitches.

The mall will cost £1.5billion to build and will be in the heart of the Dubai Creek harbour and is being touted as “high tech meets retail”. This won’t be the average shopping mall it’s going to have some seriously futuristic features as well.

These will come in the form of AI robots that will recommend what to buy, interactive mirrors and smart fitting rooms.

The mall will have 2.6million square metres of shops, restaurants, hotels and places to live and will have three floors to explore.

Dubai Square will be in big competition with the existing Dubai Mall, which is a comparatively puny 50 footballs pitches in size.

It will have its own Chinatown the biggest in the Middle East as well as an Ice Adventure Park where the whole family can go skating.

A spokesperson told CNN: “Dubai Square pushes the boundaries of modern retail and leisure by drawing on next-generation technology.

“It is designed for the new era of customers, who are digital, connected and tech-savvy.” Dubai is known for its huge, ambitious buildings and is home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa.


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