Do You Think NYSC Encourage/Motivate Youths Or Endanger Their Lives?

Alot has been said about this scheme recently and the organization has recorded more sad news than good recently, and a lot of people have criticized this scheme.

It was recently reported that a Policeman killed a corp member in Abuja Als​​o, recall that it was also reported that a corp member died in camp​ ​in April 2018 to mention but a few.

Another thing is, some Nigerians youths still have the dream of going for this scheme and they still believe so much in it. I have been part of those​ ​clamoring for it, now that I am privilege to be a corp member, I can say it authoritatively that there’s nothing special about it.

In my opinion, NYSC should be scrapped and every fresh Nigerian graduates should be given the ₦237,600, let’s start something with the money I believe 20% to 40% of the corp member will do something Tangible with the money.

What About You Do You Think NYSC – Is It Motivating Or Endangering The Life Of Our Youths? Let’s hear from you all on this Topic.


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