Daddy Showkey calls Lepacious Bose “Mumu”

Image result for daddy showkeyDaddy Showkey has boldly come out to call Lepacious Bose a “Mumu” following the viral video where Lepacious Bose expressed her love for Ghanaians. Saying that she loves them because they are real and most especially because they do not bleach their skins, further that, back him in Nigeria she usually gets confused with different skin tones.

Daddy Showkey then came for her sharing a video where he said: “Mumu, see mumu when you went to school but will not understand what you are saying. You will just open your big mouth and saying anything because you want to be important. Who are you sef? Mumu.”

He then captioned the video.

“Mumu! Mumu!! Mumu!!! , who dey look for Mumu, Mumu! Mumu!! Mumu!!! Who dey look for Mumu, we go give you the Mumu for free #showdonshow #daddyshowkey #lionclan #asalamamovement #ajegunletotheworld #ajegunle #positionurself,”

Image result for Daddy Showkey calls Lepacious Bose


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