Checkout More Photos Of Nigerian Model Chika Lann And Her ‘N40 Million’

According to the model identified as Chika Lann, her current hairstyle is worth a whopping N40 million.

She stated that she loves to stand out in everything she does. Everybody has a guilty pleasure. For some it may be gadgets, for others it may be food and for some, physical appearance. While there are certain limits people would go to soothe this itch, others do not seem to have any.

According to her, everybody else has basically the same style and that’s the reason she loves to be unique. She stated that she doesn’t mind going through any stress or inconveniences to stand out.

Meanwhile, some Nigerian ladies have disagreed with her as they claim the hairstyle which is old school will not cost up to N2,000 at a local market.

See more photos of Chika Lann:


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