Bisi Alimi reacts to arrest the of 57 suspected homosexuals in Lagos

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Over the weekend, the Lagos state police command arrested 57 suspected homosexuals who were allegedly being initaited into the act of homosexuality and  57 they were paraded before newsmen yesterday.

However, Nigerian gayrights activist, Bisi Alimi has taken to his Facebook page to react to the arrest, saying:

”People have parties in Lagos everyday. Sometimes the parties have more men than women and sometimes more women than men.

The idea that there is a “gay party” or a “gay initiation party” is nothing but lack or responsibilities from the part of our police and government.

Those innocent people are a victim of their poverty. Whether they are gay or not is not the issue, the issue is, they are poor and they will pay the highest price for being poor in a country that celebrate stolen wealth.

Bisi Alimi reacts to arrest of 57 suspected homosexuals in Lagos


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