Actress Bukola Adeeyo describes the joy she feels in Motherhood

Motherhood is a phase most women want to be in, but not all get there. For those that do, sometimes the feelings cannot be put in words.

For Nollywood actress, Bukola Adeeyo, motherhood is a new phase and it is one she intends to enjoy as the journey goes on.

The actress took to Instagram to talk a bit about this new phase in her life, thanking God for giving her this lead role in the script of her life. She went further to ask for strength to play her role well as a mother because while most are bestowed with this responsibility, only a few understand it and carry it out to the fullest.

Read her message below;

“If it was to be a movie, I might not understand the feeling of motherhood well enough. Now am the lead role as a mother to my beautiful God sent daughter in which am so pleased with ..God let me play my role well with your guidance, mercy, favour and the knowledge to be a good teacher, friend, mother and mentor to her. May God almighty bless all mother’s in life. You are the reason many generations are still in existence.., God bless motherhood, God bless us’s a beautiful journey #blessed#motherhoodfeelingisgreat”

We wish the actress good luck on this new journey and pray she gets better at it by the day.


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