Abia State looses $5million on creative economy wages monthly

    In a statement by BOVIBES ENTERTAINMENT & COMMUNICATIONS CEO Ibe Boco says ,”We can block this leak”

    The term creative economy is a new concept which cuts across economic development,culture tourism,trade,technology,communication,performing art etc.

    The activities of these sectors have given birth to creative industries..”the creative industries are among the most dynamic sectors in the world providing new opportunities for developing countries to leapfrog into emerging high-growth areas of the world economy.”UNCTAD.

    The creative industries are intensive in creative skills and can be a major source of revenue through trade and intellectual property.

    If any state is serious about building a twenty first lasting economic base,it must take the creative industries seriously,this means changing policy processes to allow creative talent-show in exchange for more revenue.

    The Aba shoemakers need innovative designs,the tailors need sketch artists,the fabricators need ICT specialists,the brands need digital marketing,the products need 21st century branding,the designers need PR services,the models need professional stylists,photographers and make up artists and so on.

    This is why BOVIBES ENTERTAINMENT & COMMUNICATION have come up with initiatives to plug this leak to promote synergy among creative industries in the state, a creative cluster program is necessary towards building a strong creative economic base.

    The creative economy will interface between creativity,culture,trade,economy, technology as expressed in the ability to create,circulate and sell intellectual property and has the potential to generate income ,jobs and export while at the same time promoting social inclusion and human capital development.

    The need to build a state and an economy that will stand out to come up with wide range of program that have their origin in individual creativity skill and talent and have a potential for wealth creation through intellectual property.

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    1. Well said and indeed an acceptable concept which need an intense attention to curb most of the social vices which have deterred the youths from being progressive to retrogressive. I support this idea and urge the state government to look into this aspect of economic malfunction of creative innovation. This will indeed burst and generate income and advance development.

    2. Great article. I hope the Abia State government would show dexterity in its policy implementation and control by aligning with private sector firm in the entertainment industry that have industry experience. This (Public-Private sector) alliance in aspects like talent management etc., would help bring about a far more reaching effect in the economy of the state and the entire nation at large.

    3. Good one…..in fact, i love this idea and it will be more appreciated if only the government will look into it and act on it.
      We need a revival in our economy and moreover we have the skills within the Abians to elevate the economic down fall in Abia state.

      Kudos Boco

    4. I love this write up. Government has no choice but to embrace the ideas from the youths. We’re tired of their old stories.


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