9 Things Every Lady In Her 20s Should Stop Doing In 2018 – You Must Stop #2 & #6 If You Want A Good Man To Love You

Things every lady should stop: Your 20s is supposed to be your time for self discovery- a time to do better, get better and achieve some goals. However, if you are still living in the past and believing yourself to be a teenager, it would shock you when you finally realize that you have knocked on 30 and you still hnothing in particular to show for it. Below are some things young ladies in their 20s should stop doing.

1. Pleasing people you do not like
Your 20s are busy, and crucial in a lot of ways to the success of the rest of your life, so time is limited. It’s precious, and you no longer have it to waste on people who aren’t your true friends. Being polite and civil is a must, but you no longer have to please those who aren’t your friends.

Don’t worry about sending a birthday message to someone you went to secondary school with if she hasn’t spoken to you for many months. Forget attending that hang out with those old work colleagues if you never liked them from the start. Quit the pretense.

It’s nice if somebody invites you to their wedding or party, but if you aren’t friends with them anymore, or do not want to keep in touch, don’t go. Make time for your friends, the people you care about and the people who are there for you, and release the others.

2. Spending recklessly
For your own good and that of your future self, spending recklessly is something you need to leave behind as soon as possible! We know everything is expensive and it’s nearly impossible to save, but that doesn’t mean you have to be irresponsible with your money.

Take the time to sit down, work out a budget and discover what you’re willing to spend money on, and what you can cut back on. 20s aren’t about comfort and luxury for everyone, and despite the pressure on social media, you’ll probably regret it if you make yours about having a new outfit every weekend so that the girls you went to university with will think that you’re cool.

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