6 Nigerian female celebrities with the most amazing natural hair


Before now, the average Nigerian woman could not wear her natural locs without lots of hair chemicals/relaxers fused into it without being given the side eye. But now, it is not only normal to wear your hair natural (if you want) but it is also as chic as your hair extensions and your “relaxed” hair.

You would agree with us that more black women are ditching their weaves and extensions for their natural hair. Call it a trend or anything you want, but the natural hair has come to become a worldwide phenomenon. The natural hair trend is here to stay and doesn’t look like it’s leaving any time soon.

We all know when a celebrity gets on a movement, it does not only popularize it, it makes it one of the most talked about part of pop culture. To give some inspiration to young women who are contemplating the natural hair trend, we have put together 8 Nigerian celebrities who wear their amazing natural hair.

Nse Ikpe – Etim

Nse with her amazing hair has found her way into the hearts of many with her charisma and great acting skills. Her hair is one of the reasons some of her fans can’t stop loving her coupled with her great diction.


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