5 Funny reactions to nollywood movies that will bring back memories

Hate it or love it, Nollywood is the second largest movie industry in the world behind Bollywood and the third highest selling movie industry behind Bollywood and Hollywood respectively.

However, many Nigerians will rather eat grass than let an opportunity to troll Nollywood slip by. Recently, Nollywood movies have upgraded and people can confidently go to cinemas to see them. Has that stopped Nigerians from dragging it, NO!

Here are some funny reactions from Nigerians about Nollywood
1.The rules
Nollywood constitution:

*Die after confessing*
*Ghost must wear white*
*Vomit inside toilet to show pregnancy*
*Mad person must eat Agege bread*

— Slim Mami (@datgirlbecca_) April 29, 2018
2.The avoidable mistakes
Its only in Nollywood movies that you will see them open a casket and the dead body will be sweating profusely. 🙄

3.The legendary ‘To God be the Glory’ closing remark

Black Panther is just a Nollywood movie made in Hollywood, all the elements are there:
-Prince that has to fight to be king
-Forest Whitaker as the babalawo
-Neighboring tribes go to war in the end
Only thing they forgot was to add “To God Be The Glory” at the end

4. When Ramsey Noah was Ramsey Noah
Kai! We suffered that year that Ramsey Noah was the only fine boy in nollywood!
He was in every movie!!!
5,The ‘how to get a wife’ starter pack
I have a feeling that after all these “aimless running around in the wind”, I’ll go back to my village when I’m in my 30’s and get me a good girl to marry.

I have to do what my fellow men are doing in Nollywood pic.twitter.com/AzxOwJ2n98


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