5 crochet hairstyles that will make you look unique

Crochet hairstyles were very popular back in the early 1990’s and now it’s back and most ladies have welcomed the hairstyle.

Crotchet is not about the hair itself, but actually the method being used in installing the hair. Crochet braiding is a technique of adding hair extension to already made cornrows.

Usually, the hair used is loose and it is looped under the cornrows using a crochet needle and secured with a knot.

However, the texture of hair extensions used now look more natural and in some cases they are mistaken as real hair. This is why many women look this hairstyle.

Every lady can switch her look with these unique crotchet hairstyles.

1. Blonde Crotchet

Blonde hair color is a major color this season and works well with crochet braids. Switch your look with this bold and fierce blonde crotchet.

2. Crotchet With Bangs

It is voluminous and trendy, perfect for a night out with the girls. To give a beautiful shape to your curls you should use a bit of hairspray, or mousse. This way you’ll be able to enjoy it for an extended period of time.

3. Middle Part Crochet

Check out this amazing crochet braids with a middle parting. Do you want to feel confident at a social gathering but you can’t pick a hairstyle? Look no further and go for this bold curly hair. It is without a doubt beautiful.

4. Spiral Curl Crochet
Best Hair For Crochet BraidsIf You love curls, this spiral curl crochet is perfect for you. It screams sophistication and elegance.

5. Kinky Twist Crochet

This kinky crochet braids adds sophistication to a simple look. Easy to style with a little hairspray, the hairdo is perfect for women with barely any time to do their hair in the morning.

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