3 Nollywood Actress Dating Same Governor Exposed

Many atime the source of wealth and flashy lifestyle of some certain actresses has been questioned considering that they are not that financially buoyant from the pay they receive for acting.

To some Nigerians rich men and politicians have been their source of income and survival and that is nothing but true as three Nollywood actresses are been used by one politician.

According to reports, the politician is a sitting Governor in one of the south west state of the country, he takes this three actress to the same hotel to satisfy his urge.

The actresses are all based in Ibadan with two of them being a single mother and the other one a failed politician.

They are no more in talking terms after they knew that they were dating the same man who is making them live large.

According to reports; the incumbent governor of a state reportedly took one of them to one hotel in the ancient city the day one of them was servicing another politician in the same hotel.

And has it would be had to meet each other while trying to leave and one of the ladies later informed the third actress “something something” of what she has saw which as now led to the three keeping malice.

None of them is able to approach the governor on this matter has they are afraid of spoiling their source of income and has instead agreed to play along like before so that they don’t get dumped.


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