15 sweetest things to do with your girlfriend

Even if you have no fancy for romance and all those hearts, flowers and sweet things, your girlfriend certainly needs and wants them. So, it is really not so much about you, but about her and what she expects in a relationship. So, guys gear up and get prepared to be as romantic and stardust as you can.

If you only knew how to go about the task, it would not be hard at all. Here are 15 nice and cute ideas for romanticizing your lady. Make her heart melt!

Flirt with her
Eleanor Glyn once said:

“Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.”

Flirting can make life so much tastier and more interesting. It is good not only for the time when you just start dating. You can flirt with your girl and tease her a bit to spark up the feelings.

Text her
Saying nice things is not enough. They get so much better, when you read them, re-read them and maybe even show them to your friends to boast a bit. So, text her. Write nice things. Tell her you love her. Quote poems or love sayings. Here is a great one from Paulo Coelho:

“I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you”.

Write her
Doing handwriting makes things special. You can write her as many notes as you (or she) like. Post 10-15 of them on her mirror in the morning. Put some compliments on them and let her start a day with a smile on her lips. Write her a letter and use snail mail to send it. It is romantic!

Get a cab taking her home

Once you two go out and she wears nice outfit and high heels to match it, get a cab instead of making her walk or taking the subway.

Burn some candles

It sounds pretty obvious, but it still works. Buy some candles, set up a table nicely and have special dinner with your lady.

Do things for her

In our days’, many ladies are used to count on their own strength to do things. Wouldn’t it be nice to offer her some help? Go with her shopping for groceries, carry her heavy bags, etc.

Give her feet massage

She may not tell you, but most ladies just love it and want it, but are too shy to ask for it. So, just offer her to give her feet a nice and relaxing massage. It might end in a surprising and pleasant way for you!


You do not have to get expensive and fancy ones. Even small and casual gifts work well. Go to some store and buy discount nice little things for home or hearts, or anything your sweetheart might fancy. At times, it is better to give small gifts often, then a large one rarely. So, do not look for a special occasion to gift your lady. Endow her with your love and attention with no reason to do so.

Give her memories

After all, these are the most precious things we get in life. Material goods can be lost or damaged, but memories stay with us forever. Make some nice ones for her. Go the extra mile to pick a great location for your dates. Make them memorable. Do fancy and cute things she could keep in her mind and heart.

Mid adult couple on armchair in new home

Cook together

One of the ways to surprise your girlfriend is cooking together. If you have not been known for your culinary talents, she might get surprised. So, you may attend a cooking class together. Or just grab a bag of groceries, find a nice and easy recipe online and go for it.

Prepare a bathtub for her

In a very nice way, too. Get some rose petals, some aroma salt and other nice things ladies love. Put many candles all over the bathroom. Make it look and smell extra nice for her. Make sure to find out if she has any kind of allergy. You do not want to spoil the night and end up in the hospital.

Cuddle her in public

Just give her a hearty and loving hug being outdoors or in some public place. Keep your arms around her in cinema or while shopping. Just express her your love openly in front of her friends, your friends or just other people.

Take her to rooftop bar

Nice views and atmosphere can help you to create romance. Order her favorite drinks and something nice to chew on. Read her poems or prose. Give her flowers. Just map out a nice experience to remember for years to come.

Get her lunch packed

What a nice thing to do! If she has to get up earlier to pack up the lunch, keep her in bed for few more minutes and do it for her. And make sure to pack it up nicely and add a love note as the main treat.

Be spontaneous

After all, a routine can kill love. So, do something unexpected. Plan a trip in 10 minutes. Buy her a bunch of flowers walking by the flower shop on the street. Take her to a fancy restaurant or shopping. Just be creative and loving in practical but spontaneous ways.

Some men may see no purpose in doing all this foolishness. They are way too practical for it. However, just stop for a moment and think of what you put at risk. You can lose your significant one or make her unhappy and be craving for things like that. Which is worse, she may find someone else catering to those needs.

So, even if you do not need any romance, do it just for her sake. She would certainly not remain indebted to you and return the debt in many nice moments with you.

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